Intimacy in Context

Intimacy is not just about sex. It is about establishing an intimate relationship with ourselves, with people close to us. Intimacy, that pleasant feeling of trust, union and understanding without words, stands on six pillars. It starts with ourselves. 

Embark with me on a path of trust and loving care.I will help you find the way to your own Self and to your loved ones.

Who is Daniela Torp

I’m a human being. I feel and perceive just like you. I experience similar situations, challenges, joys and sorrows. I take care of myself, my family, my friends. I respect nature and I humbly bow before its laws, endless variety and sense of humour.

Did you know that there are more than 180,000 islands in the world?

There are thousands of islands and they often seem to be similar to each other. Yet every one of them represents a unique ecosystem. Many of these islands are completely self-sufficient. They produce only what their soil and climate provide. Can you imagine trying to grow plums in a paradise of coconut palms? Maybe it would work for a while. However, you would have to make a great effort to be successful.

We often treat ourselves the same way. We force ourselves to do things that are contrary to what our inner Self wants and is capable of. And then we are surprised that we are not being as successful as the others. I have tried to “plant” myself in many islands before I have finally found my own.

The key to success is LOVE – self-love. 


Thank you very much for giving me an eye-opener not only in the sex area. Incredibly pleasant, kind and relaxed approach of the teacher Danča, whom I could listen to for weeks and weeks…

It's amazing to be able to learn from people in the right place. Thanks for putting energy into it ... it's definitely worth it!

Lucie Lomská

An enlightening and surprising experience for all who want to break down the boundaries and myths that our parents have instilled in us. The world is spinning completely differently and according to different laws. Gentlemen and ladies the possibilities are endless. I recommend trying it with professionals in the Tantra Center Pilsen. Thank you all for being able to look behind this wall of prejudice and I believe that we will gradually smash the wall together.

Hana Valentová-Vojtová

Something incredible!

Thank you, once again, everyone, for the unique experience of your workshop. 

Martina Horáková

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