6 intimacy pillars

Intimacy is this pleasant feeling of security and trust among people. Intimacy is not suddenly here, we have to work on it. It is a very important part of all phases of our lives. From my point of view, intimacy stands on 6 basic pillars. During consultations with clients, we primarily focus on intimacy in relation to your own body. It all starts  and ends with you loving yourself and you body.  If I love myself, I can love others. When I have compassion for myself, I can then show compassion to others at different stages of life.

Respect, love and compassion. That is all intimacy is about. 

Couple intimacy, relationship to your body

We all long to love and to be loved. To enjoy an intimate relationship and our sexuality. We just need  to understand that self-love is the fundamental pillar of our sexuality.

Intimacy during pregnancy and labour

You love your body the way it is. You have gone a long way. You accept yourself. You take care of your body. Suddenly, as a result of pregnancy, your body begins to change uncontrollably. It changes in a way that sometimes you can’t even recognise it. It responds to touch, movement and intimacy in a completely different way. Maintaining an intimacy in a relationship during pregnancy has become a challenge for you. I’m here to help you with that. In a safe environment, I will take you through the world of intimacy during pregnancy and labour so that you can enjoy all the aspects of the motherhood. 

Intimacy in motherhood

The longed-for baby is born. You are happy parents. Your world is suddenly upside down. The intimacy of your relationship suddenly disappeared. How to restore it again? How to handle a completely new situation together? I experienced it myself. I know what helps. You just need to be willing to change that.

Intimacy during childhood and teenage years

During the first 18 months, children are developing an intimate relationship with their own body. Are you dreading their first questions about sexuality and sex? Not sure what to do when your beloved baby is touching its intimate parts? You posses great power to change your child’s approach to his body. You can influence the way your daughter will experience her first sexual encounters. We will first work through your fears together and then we can go on and prepare you for the time of your child´s inquisitive questions.

Intimacy at a mature age

You are in a long-term relationship and you believe that nothing can surprise you anymore. I will show you how mistaken you are. I will show you that falling in love with each other again, even after 20 years is still possible. There are many things yet to be discovered. If you live alone, are a divorcee, or have just ended a long relationship and have no idea how to establish a new relationship, I will help you. Together, we will discover your hidden talents. You will be amazed at how fully you can enjoy your life even as a senior. 

Intimacy and dying

Everything will pass. Even life. It’s up to us to see our loved ones off with respect.