Confident labour

Experience a conscious childbirth.

Confident labour

During the two-day hands-on course, you will experience several simple and highly functional techniques that will help you open the birth canals. We will also focus on the partner and his role during the labour.

Men, we will tell you exactly what to do during childbirth to help the woman deal with pain and be supportive! It is very important to establish an intimacy during a labour. I will explain to you how to use the different sexual techniques for a better experience. And how to trust the wisdom of a woman’s body  – how to listen to it and work with the hormones production. Enjoy The Orgasmic Birth together.

The baby determines the date and the course of the birth – we will show you how to facilitate its journey into the world. Breathing techniques, birthing positions and massages are the commonplace topics in every preparation for a childbirth. We will focus on them consistently. Experience childbirth without fear of losing faith in yourself, you can do it, together.

We will help you put together the birth plan and clarify your birth wishes. If you have no one to accompany you during the chilbirth and would like to use the services of the doula, contact us, please.

Other topics
  • Birth plan
  • Hospital bag checklist 
  • How to cope with pain and fear
  • Birthing positions
  • Breathing techniques
  • Legal protection of parents and children and your rights during the childbirth 

Since we will also prepare your partners, we recommend you come together. For companions (partner, doula, girlfriend, family member, etc. you pay only 200 NOK / seminar).



2 250 NOK

  • 4. - 5. 7. 2020


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