Intimacy during pregnancy and labour

You have suddenly found yourself in a brand new role. How can you deal with the new situation?

Intimacy during pregnancy and labour

You love your body the way it is. You have gone a long way. You accept yourself. You take care of your body. Suddenly, as a result of pregnancy, your body begins to change uncontrollably. It changes in a way that sometimes you can’t even recognise it. It responds to touch, movement and intimacy in a completely different way. Maintaining an intimacy in a relationship during pregnancy has become a challenge for you.

And as for a man – the way his woman changes really is surprising. There is a whole new person in front of his eyes. The way of communication, the way he touches and caresses her are suddenly not working the way they used to.

I’m here to help you with that. In a safe environment, I will take you through the world of intimacy during pregnancy and labour so that you can enjoy all the aspects of the motherhood. 

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