The art of pleasing a woman

Woman is a mystery. Sometimes delicate. Sometimes surprisingly strong. Like a flower. She can welcome the day with open arms or she can be completely withdrawn. Get to know your flower. You will learn how to recognize when she is happy and what she needs. Discover the beauty of taking care of a woman. Become a perfect lover. 

The art of pleasing a woman

For men only

Are women also a mystery to you? Sometimes they are happy with little things. At other times, you can try as hard as you can and all you get is: “Yeah, it was reasonably good”.

Sign up for our workshop and change your intimate life. It’s entirely up to you.

What will you gain by participating at this workshop?
  • You will finally be able to recognize if your partner really feels like having sex. 
  • You will understand the difference between woman’s and man’s experience of sexuality.
  • You will learn how to touch women gently. You can practice it with our assistants. You will get truthful and constructive feedback from them. You will find out what to change and why to change it.
  • You will learn how to excite your partner and how to be a better lover.
  • We will explain to you the massage of woman’s intimate parts and the reflexology of the female body.

Whether you are starting a new relationship, want to revive your current one, or your sex life has changed as a result of pregnancy in my course, you will learn how to touch your Woman the way she desires.



What to Bring
  • Massage oil
  • Towel

We start at 10 a.m. but please arrive at 9:45 a.m. so we all have time to settle in, get ready and start on time.


1 650 NOK

  • 20. 6. 2020


Happy and content client is the reason I do what I do.

Thank you very much for giving me an eye-opener not only in the sex area. Incredibly pleasant, kind and relaxed approach of the teacher Danča, whom I could listen to for weeks and weeks…

It's amazing to be able to learn from people in the right place. Thanks for putting energy into it ... it's definitely worth it!

Lucie Lomská

An enlightening and surprising experience for all who want to break down the boundaries and myths that our parents have instilled in us. The world is spinning completely differently and according to different laws. Gentlemen and ladies the possibilities are endless. I recommend trying it with professionals in the Tantra Center Pilsen. Thank you all for being able to look behind this wall of prejudice and I believe that we will gradually smash the wall together

Hana Valentová-Vojtová

Something incredible!

Thank you, once again, everyone, for the unique experience of your workshop. 

Martina Horáková

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