The art of pleasing a man

Pleasing a man may seem like a „piece of cake“. But there is a huge difference between “pleasing” and “pleasing”. You will discover the difference in our workshop.

The art of pleasing a man

Most women may think that pleasing a man is not an art. You touch here and there and the man is satisfied. However, in the workshop you will see that there are mysterious nooks and crannies of male sexuality that you can master.

  • Do you have a new partner and want to impress him

  • Are you in a long-term relationship and want to revive passion?

  • Are you currently alone, but want to be taught something new about yourself and men?

Then attending this workshop is almost a must for you. We shall deal both with theory and practice. We will show you how to make  a man ecstatic with the help of the intimate penis massage.

What will you gain by participating in this workshop?
  • You will understand the difference between woman’s and man’s experience of sexuality.
  • You will gain confidence.
  • You will learn tantric massage technique.
  • You will become a perfect lover and men will fall at your feet.


Even if you do not feel like sex, because you are either pregnant, after surgery, after childbirth, or for any other reason with the help techniques learnt you will be able to satisfy even the most passionate lover.



What to bring
  • Massage oil
  • towel

We start at 10 a.m. but please arrive at 9:45 a.m. so we all have time to settle in, get ready and start on time. 


1 650 NOK

  • 21. 6. 2020


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